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You can showcase your business services to users form 3 Column Feature Area. Go to Theme Option Panel for making the changes.

Use Font Awesome Icons

Go to Font Awesome and pick the icon of your choice. Copy the class of icon and paste it in Theme Option Panel.

Elegant One Page Theme

A perfect theme for your business. Aesthetic layout, easy to create website, handy to customize style. Reinvent your website.

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How to Choose the Best Smartphone

Smartphone is the best thing available this moment; it seems like more and more people using it to help them with their work. However with so many Smartphone enter the market at the same time and more to come every day, you might get confuse on how to choose the best Smartphone that suitable with […]

Smartphone Operating System Development

With the development of mobile phones, we now get more advances Smartphone that equipped with high technology computing ability. They also include feature which usually available in other device such as media player to watch video or playing music, digital camera to take image, and Global Positioning System. However, the features available in each Smartphone […]

Lenovo K900 Review

Smartphone’s market has increased rapidly these pass years that is why more and more manufacturer start to arise and compete each other for the best product that everyone want to buy. One of the manufacturers is Lenovo, with their new K900 series, which very popular since the price is really affordable for most people. But […]

How to Protect Smartphone from Virus with Safe Behavior

Smartphone today becomes more and more advance, however since they could run complicated application; this also means that they could run more advance virus in their background which could hide from your views so you would not know if they stole your data or damaging your phones. This is why it is very important for […]

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