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The Essential Role of the iPhone Unlock Code

iPhone Unlock Code

How to do iPhone Unlock Code

The proper mobile phone which is really helpful on dealing with a lot of activities is needed by almost all people. One of the ideas for the mobile phone that you can use is iPhone. However, when you are starting using iPhone, such like getting the device from a family member or even purchasing the second or used one, of course getting the ideas of the iphone unlock code is such a good idea for you. Of course, that is such a good idea if you often get frustrated because your sim card just could not be used on your iphone device. Sure, that is because it us unlocked which can only be used for particular carrier, such like Vodafone, O2, or another carrier which tie the phone. However, nowadays you do not need to get worried since the iphone unlock code service will be the good idea to solve such this problem. Sure, it means, you can unlock your iPhone well, how to do with yourself at Now, we can simply find the service for unlocking the iPhone in a simple yet easy way. We can find the service in our local area or even in online.

When you are using the used iPhone, of course, you need to make it capable to be used for another network provider or carried. If the iPhone is unlocked, as we have said before, the iphone unlock code is required. The iPhone can be unlocked in various ways. There will be some ideas which you can choose for getting it unlocked such like by using the particular iphone unlock code software. That might be really great to know but actually, first of all, it is essential to know whether your device is unlocked or locked. The simplest way is just to insert another sim card with the different carrier and then try it to receive a call.

That will be the simple thing to know but essential for you. If you are buying the second hand one or used one, and you look for the unlock one, it is essential whether it is software unlock or even factory unlock. That is a good thing to know. Still, if you get the locked one, you can get the simplicity for dealing with the iphone unlock code. One of the easy ways for dealing with that is by contacting your carrier for getting the code. Besides of that, as we have said before, you can go getting the service for unlocking your iPhone.

Download iPhone 4 Manual

Every gadget by Apple Inc. won’t ever be disappointing and you might also agree with that because out of the high price of the smart phones, the functionality features and quality are the best and worth the price. iPhone 4 is much better than iPhone 3G and 3GS and even faster. Everything you look for in a smart phone can be found in this gadget with its perfection. However, to use it for the first time, you will need iPhone 4 Manual to guide you using the phone in the right way.

iPhone 4 Manual

iPhone Manual Information for Users

Talking about the greatness of iPhone 4, you will find the high resolution retina display screen that is really excellent, the well built quality, the fashion style and shape that are also cool. If you are a new user of iPhone 4, you will definitely need iPhone 4 Manual to help you operating every feature properly. There are many sites that can be relied on by you when you want to download iPhone 4 Manual that will come in the PDF format.

If you think you will be confused if you just read the iPhone 4 Manual, there are videos that can also be checked out to help you using your new iPhone 4. The iPhone 4 user guide coming in videos can be found on YouTube easily but if you prefer to download the PDF file ones, (iTelepon) and offer you the download link that you can directly head to. No worries for the international iPhone 4 users because the manual comes in multi-language, like Spanish, French and Chinese that will also be downloaded in PDF format.

Compared to the iPhone 3G and 3GS, the new design of iPhone 4 indeed is more significant, so every feature that makes this phone more stunning. Get the iPhone 4 Manual to know better about each side of your new phone. The links of iPhone 4 Manual files recommended are safe because they are Apple’s official iPhone 4 Docs.

How to Choose the Best Smartphone

Smartphone is the best thing available this moment; it seems like more and more people using it to help them with their work. However with so many Smartphone enter the market at the same time and more to come every day, you might get confuse on how to choose the best Smartphone that suitable with your needs.

How to Choose the Best Smartphone

Suitable phones based on your need

Operating system: choosing the right operating system is essential since the feature for each operating system is different. Popular operating systems such as blackberry would give you email push service, while windows would allow you to edit document on your phones. However most popular operating system such as iOS and Android offers broader application selection.

Screen size: the size of the screen is essential when you often uses the phone to open large text appearance especially when you go browsing on the internet then bigger screen size would offer you more comfortable session.

RAM size: if you choose the best Smartphone, then RAM is needed when you want to run application, bigger RAM would be useful for Smartphone because they often do multitasking where you would open a lot of application at once. There are also application that might run on the background which could eat up a lot of RAM so you could not run other application. This surely would be disturbing if you like to work with your Smartphone.

Memory size: the memory is different from RAM because this would decide how much file could be stored inside your Smartphone; this would also include application that you download to your phones. If you do not use a lot of application, then standard memory would be enough, however if you want to use your Smartphone as efficient as possible, then larger memory would be needed. Search for phones with microSD feature so you could also expand the capacity of the memory.

choose the best Smartphone by finding the best plan that suitable with your budget.

Choose camera: most Smartphone will feature camera, however you need to choose the quality of your camera. If taking selfies is a must for you, then it would be better to get camera with higher resolution. Front camera and rear camera often available in one Smartphone, however if you do not really need it, then the rear camera would be enough. But if you plan to use the phone for video call then front camera is a must.

Service plan: choose the best Smartphone by finding the best plan that suitable with your budget. If you already have old mobile phones then choosing the same provider would be best since you already know that they would gives the best service. One thing that you need to know is that most Smartphone uses internet most of the time so they would constantly download and upload data. This will surely get to your bill by the end of the month, which is why it would be better when you could find provider which could give you unlimited plan for internet usage.

Smartphone Operating System Development

With the development of mobile phones, we now get more advances Smartphone that equipped with high technology computing ability. They also include feature which usually available in other device such as media player to watch video or playing music, digital camera to take image, and Global Positioning System. However, the features available in each Smartphone also influence by the Smartphone Operating System that they use. This system technology is the one that would run the feature, however not all system could run all feature as they all have different specification.

the features available in each Smartphone also influence by the Smartphone Operating System that they use.


This operating system is brought out as open source platform that uses Linux Kernel Operating System as the base. The development itself started in 2003 with backup from Google and other Smartphone manufacturer. The system is fully integrated with Google feature such as Gmail; you could also get application from third party developer that could be downloaded from Google Play Store.

Android Operating System is considered as the most popular operating system which uses not only by Smartphone but also computer tablet, however since the development is rapid they also uses for smart watch, television, and cars. The idea of Android comes to be used so people could manipulate the phone directly, which are why it is mainly uses for phones with touch screen feature.


Known popularly by its abbreviation iOS, this operating system who offer multi touch interface is developed by Apple manufacturer so they could have special operating system. The idea itself comes because of Apple’s strong will to have an operating system exclusively for their iPhones which make public view in 2007. However as the development and popularity arise, this operating system also uses as iPod, Apple TV, and iPad.

Like their main competitor from Google, the Apple Company also opens their App Store as a place for user to download third party application. Because of the popularity on both Android and iOS, some of the third party developer creates their application for both Operating Systems.

Windows Phone 

Because of the high demand and increasing market of Smartphone, Microsoft Company could not resist themselves to create their own Windows Phone Operating System so they could replace their old windows mobile that surely could not compete with the high features of Android and iOS. Since then they creates a whole new user interface for Smartphone that uses Modern Design Language. With this they plan to enter broader consumer market, which creates the biggest market of Smartphone.

The development also backed up by Nokia Hardware Manufacturer, which stated that they would only use Windows Phone Operating System on their Nokia Mobile Phones. The deal reaches the peak when eventually Microsoft bravely acquires the whole mobile phones division of Nokia to become their subsidiary.

Smartphone Operating System Development


This name might be famous as one of the best Internet browser in computer desktop. This open source operating system uses alternative system for communication, which utilizes Linux Kernel, HTMF5 and open standard applications such as Java Scripst, and APIs that is well known in desktop computer.

Although there are not many devices uses this operating system yet, but currently Mozilla has partnered with the best hardware manufacturer such as Sony Company to create more advance mobile phones with this Operating System. The Panasonic Company also plans to create their smart television with Firefox Operating System.


This operating system mainly uses Linux Kernel that completed with Mer in their development. The development started by Jolla that mainly creates it for their Smartphone device, however in the future development they intended to also includes it for other device that Jolla made. The developer stated that this Operating System is fully compatible with hardware for both phones and table intended to operate by Android Operating System.

That is why more and more application that success in other operating system has tried to enter their application for Sailfish Operating System which surely helps the development itself. The third application could be downloaded from Jolla Store, all application submitted to Jolla would be tested for their quality before they could be entered in Jolla Store.


This operating system is developed by Linux Foundation using Linux operating system so they use Linux API in the process. The creation is intended to large range of device other than Smartphone and tablet itself. The developer themselves stated that they want to create this Operating System for camera, smart watch, home appliance, printer and other device in cars.

Ubuntu Touch

This version is created by Canonical along with the Ubuntu Community so they could create a mobile version of the Ubuntu Operating System that mainly uses in desktop computer. Their design is intended for device with touch screen feature on both tablet and most commonly Smartphone. They also compatible with hardware of Android Smartphone, since they could be used with Linux Kernel which is the base of running Android.

Because this Operating System is created in the same Ubuntu Core System, then the application that you usually use on your Ubuntu desktop computer could also be used in the Smartphone that uses Ubuntu Touch Operating System. The Ubuntu desktop computer itself has been integrated inside the Ubuntu Touch Operating System so you could use it the same way you use desktop computer when you connect your Smartphone with monitor.


This operating system is developed by Research In Motion Limited that later turn into BlackBerry Limited for their Smartphone. The best part of this Operating System is that they have push email communication that done in real time so you would receive the email on your Smartphone the same time your email comes into your inbox. Their Blackberry Messenger service could be use to communicate with Smartphone in other Operating System. Because of the popularity they eventually offer the Blackberry Messenger service as application for both Android Operating System and iOS which uses by millions of people around the world.

Lenovo K900 Review

Smartphone’s market has increased rapidly these pass years that is why more and more manufacturer start to arise and compete each other for the best product that everyone want to buy. One of the manufacturers is Lenovo, with their new K900 series, which very popular since the price is really affordable for most people. But before you purchase it, you may want to know about Lenovo K900 review that would tell you about the good and down side of this smartphone.Lenovo K900 Review1


When other Smartphone uses Qualcomm Snapdragon for it chipset, but Lenovo bravely uses Intel Atom Z2580 as its processor, that is why people becomes curious about the advantage of this steps to Lenovo phone. Surely Atom has been known to give speed to most laptop or desktop PC, which is why people also hope that they would get super speed for this phone version.

The support from Intel for Lenovo is really high since we could see their logo place big in the phones packaged and the back body of the phones itself. Moreover when you turn on the phones you would notice the logo appears first before Lenovo logo itself. Even though Lenovo uses it as marketing tools but it has been proved that Lenovo would not disappoint you in their speed performance. You could use it to play your game in highest graphic scale without worry. They would not be lag or hang during your game so you would get maximum gaming experience.

Moreover this chipset is design so you could do multitasking to run a lot of application at once, which is very important feature for Android phones since there would be a lot of application that runs on the background.

Design and Size

From outside you could see that Lenovo gift their K900 all black color surface that made from unibody metal material created from the combination of polycarbonate and stainless steel alloy. But you should not have to worry since they only have 162 gram weight with very thin measurement of 6.99 mm. this makes the phones looked luxurious especially with its sharp edge. They use 5.5 inch design which very popular design that most Smartphone manufacturer use today so most of us would not feel surprise or feel weird when using it. Corning Gorilla Glass 2, which is very though material, protects the surface but also sensitive so you could touch it using pen or your fingers.


Unlike other device they put the power right above the micro SIM slot on the right side of the phones while the volume button is on the left side. On the bottom side they have a microphone, which paired with headphone jack and micro USB port. Second microphone could be found in the back side of the phone side by side with dual LED flash.

The speaker is placed on the back of the phone, sadly makes the sound does not hear properly when you place the phone on the table. Another disadvantage that we see on Lenovo K900 review is that there is no microSD slot available; to cope with this problem USB on the go has been added.

The metal material used to create the body is stainless steel alloy that makes the phone looked glamorous, however this material also makes the phones feels burning even when you only used it for one hour. This also caused because the phone use big power, to cope with this problem you might want to use phone case which will protect your fingers.


This K900 has already use IPS LCD which comes in High definition so it could show sharp and clean image on your phone. Moreover the pixel density has already reach 401 ppi that would be very useful for your gaming experience. Especially, since they design their own interface, which makes it different from other Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean phones. With this you could change the size and appearance of icons inside your phones. You could even change the color of the text and how the application transition displayed. But you should not have to worry since all android application also available in the phone including Google Play.Lenovo K900 Review

During screen lock you could still use it to call, send text message, and see picture menu. You would get UC browser who really useful for your browsing experience, SuperCamera to make sure you could take picture easily, SuperGallery for easy access on your gallery, and Kingsoft Officer preinstalled inside the K900.


The SuperCamera application offers many kinds of feature that you could create many kinds of filters using many kinds of effect on the color and lens with addition of magic effect. You could also arrange the sharpness of the resolution with 1080 pixel High Definition for video and 13 Megapixel for the rear camera. You will also get front camera with 2 megapixel sharpness, which you could use for video chat and taking selfies.


The audio support for K900 is enough so you could get phone calls for long as you like without worry. You will also get Bluetooth and WIFI for connectivity access beside the 3G/HSDA+ one; sadly there is no NFC in this phone yet. For the battery you will get 2.500mAh capacity, which could stand on for around 10 hours if you do not use it to play games, or watch movies for hours. And to safe the battery Lenovo has add feature that will turn of several phone applications when the power has reach 20 percent left. However you could still organize the battery use since the application offer complete feature for example you could turn of the data connection on certain time.

Final Words

For overall Lenovo K900 is great since you could get high performance that you could only get from other high end Smartphone but since this K900 comes with most affordable price and then most people would get the advantage from it.

How to Protect Smartphone from Virus with Safe Behavior

Smartphone today becomes more and more advance, however since they could run complicated application; this also means that they could run more advance virus in their background which could hide from your views so you would not know if they stole your data or damaging your phones. This is why it is very important for you to protect Smartphone from virus to ensure that you could not get any fraud or your data get used to do any criminal activity.

protect Smartphone from virus

Even with high technology antivirus you could still get virus inside your Smartphone manually if you allow the virus to bypass your antivirus protection.

  1. When you want to open any attachment send to you using your email or even from MMS message then you should be cautious since there might be some virus that infect the attachment. Make sure that your antivirus is allowed to scan them before you open it. And do not open any attachment that you receive from someone that you do not know. Even if that attachment is receive from someone you know, but if it looked suspicious then it would be better to delete it immediately that is because your friends phone might already get infected by virus which send automatic message which delivered to all contact in your friends phone including yourself.
  2. When you receive any email or text message that contains link to open some website, then you should not open it because the link might direct you to virus which could affect your phones. Once again if the text is send by someone you know, then it would be better to ask them if they really send the text themselves and ask what the link is all about since the text might be delivered automatically by the virus.
  3. If you want to download any application, make sure that you only download it from trusted source to protect Smartphone from virus. Even that you need to read several reviews about the application to make sure that there are no virus attached to the application. Some application store might realize it too late before you already download the virus without you know it. You should know that the virus could enter any kinds of application including game for your phones. Even several antivirus applications might also contain virus in their application if they are actually fake.
  4. If you use memory card for your Smartphone make sure that you get new memory card that has not been used before. Do not share the memory card with other phones since the virus could infect the memory card and then when you use it for other phone then the virus could also infect your new phone.
  5. Set your Bluetooth so it could not be discovered since virus could also transferred to your phones through Bluetooth. For more safe use you might want to set some password before other could transfer file to your phone and it would be better to turn the Bluetooth off after use to protect Smartphone from virus.